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Thiruvananathapuram city is the headquarters of Thiruvananthapuram district and the capital of Kerala State. The city is rich in heritage buildings, palaces, temples, museums and Ayurveda treatments. Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple in the heart of the city is the landmark of the city. The architecture style of the temple is the talk of the world.Thiruvananthapuram’s political lever power has turned it a modern city. The Palaces of Travancore rulers, Tharavads (ancient homes) and Bungalows glare at the visitors wherever they turn. The city has privileged to earn Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award for Heritage Conservation. The city has taken special care not to trespass on the heritage structures it so assiduously conserved for the benefit of generations after generations. A simple walk on the streets and by-lanes is enough to understand the city of love and legendary.

Little away from East Fort Kavadiar Kottaram (Palace) stands up ceremoniously. Thiruvananathapuram’s Kavadiar Kottaram is the equivalent of the United Kingdom’s Buckingam Palace. It was the home of late Maharaja Sree Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varma, once a ruler of the Travancore. His generations continue to stay here. The city is beautiful with magnificent structures built with ancient and modern architecture. Heritages, cultural institutions, art galleries and palaces glorify the city. The home to antiquity temples. The prominence goes to Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Lord Vishnu, canopied by the hooded serpent Anantha, in the heart of city.

Places To Visit

  1. Padmanabhaswamy Temple
  2. Puthen Malika Palace
  3. Kalari
  4. Thiruvananthapuram Zoo
  5. Napier Museum
  6. Sree Chithira Art Gallery
  7. Science & Technological Museum
  8. Shanmugham Beach
  9. Veli Tourist Village
  10. Akkulam Lake & Children's Park
  11. Kovalam
  12. The Marine Aquarium
  13. Vizhinjam
  14. Varkala
  15. Padmanabhapuram Palace
  16. Folklore and Numismatics Museum at Nedumangad
  17. Ponmudi
  18. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple is located little away from railway station and near to bus station. The Dravidian style 30-metre Gopuram (tower) is built with 365 pillars, equaling a year’s days, into the inner corridor. The deity, the Vishnu, is the family deity of the southern Kerala’s early kings. A visitor or a pilgrim cannot contain the beauty of the idol in one visit. The task is tiresome. The unlettered details lay in three doors. The Lord’s feet is in one door, the lotus in the second and the face in the third.

The temple complex offer some more features. There is a shrine of Lord Krishna which has a nicely carved Japamandapam(prayer meeting venue) and a shrine to Kshetrapala (the temple guardian) with lively geometrical in its ceiling and bright murals on the inner walls. Outside the inner sanctum there is a hall with 1000 pillars. [Top]


Puthen Malika Palace

Just outside Padmanabhaswamy temple. The palace is within a complex of hordes of palaces and buildings. The upper gallery’s slanting wooden beams’ carving resembles grinning horses – a marvel craft and art work. The Palace was built by Swathi Thirunal, the Composer King, in 19th century. The King’s collection of musical instruments and variety of arms displayed here. [Top]



Kalarippayattu, the martial art of Kerala, is taught and practiced in and around Thiruvananthapuram. The city has many pockets to learn. The most reputed and old is CVN Kalari, near Padmanabhaswamy temple. Watching the Kalarippayattu itself is an experience en living in the mind. It is open from 6.30 am to 8am (Mon to sat) where you can watch exercises. [Top]


Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

A century and half old zoo, the fifth oldest in India, was set up by Uthram Thirunal, the former ruler and king of Travancore. No rival in India for its design and layout. The beautiful Victorian-style cages, the lake, the curling pathways, the lawns, and the nearby Top Garden are the plus marks. Most of the animals are in open enclosures. Almost all types of wild species nurtured here. This zoo inspired award-winning book by Yann Martel. The book, Life of Pi, earned Man Brooker Prize of 2002. He frequented the zoo to get the stuff for his book. [Top]


Napier Museum

The museum is named after erstwhile British Governor of Madras, Napier. The museum structure itself is a marvelous. Tall and slander towers, stained glass windows and special type roofs make the structure different. Large collections of bronzes, historical ornaments, temple chariots and ivory items are on display. [Top]


Sree Chithira Art Gallery

Situated in Napier museum grounds. Good collection of paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Roerich, copies of Rajput, Mughals and Tanjore schools of art and paintings, and that of Ajantha, Ali Bagh Caves exhibited. The collection of paintings from China, Japan, Bali and Tibet include. [Top]


Science & Technological Museum

A treasure of science and technology. Even a layman get exalted. An outsmarting Planetarium is a great draw. [Top]


Shanmugham Beach

Located near the city is known for its white sanded quiet Beach free from any traps. It presents a virgin appeal. The visitors can see from here the sea swallowing the sun slowly and compensating the loss of light by stars ascent one after one from nowhere. [Top]


Veli Tourist Village

A beautiful picnic spot. Seaside, 9 km from city. Veli is a Tourist Village where the Veli Lake hubs Arabian Sea. In the Lake boating facility is available. Pedal and Paddle boats are available on hire. Here there is a Children’s Park dotted with huge sculptures. Climbing on them is a craze for children. [Top]


Akkulam Lake & Children's Park

8 km away. One of the biggest in Kerala, the Park has all the luring components to make the children merry-go-round. [Top]



Kovalam is Kerala's most famous beach and a major tourist attraction. Location: 13 km South West from Trivandrum. There are three crescent shaped beaches and all three are popular hot spots. The three are separated by rocky headlands. Along the long coast there are also other less famous but equally scenic beaches.

Kovalam beach, was discovered by the western hippies in the 1960s. It was they who chanced upon this hidden paradise, till then a fishing village (as it still is on Chowara Beach). It has since become one of the most popular beach destinations. Kovalam has today acquired all the trappings of a beach resort . The seaside eateries serving a fusion of Indian and continental food, itinerant hawkers, fast food vendors.

There are three main beaches:
  1. Samudra Beach
  2. Hawa Beach
  3. Light House Beach
All the beaches overlap each other in succession. The Light House beach gets its name from the Vizhinjam Light House located there. The lighthouse is on a rocky promontory, and is not open to the public.- Edakallu(meaning stone in between), separates Hawa Beach from Lighthouse Beach. The Ashoka Beach which divides the beach into its northern and southern sections sports a Government Rest House. The beaches attract their visitors to stay on till late in the evening. [Top]


The Marine Aquarium

It has a treasure of marine wealth. Squirrel fish, clown fish of Nemo fame finding, moon wrasse, lion fish, butterfly fish, giant turtles, trigger fish, aggressive surgeon fish, deadly piranhas and sharks.

The Aquarium has perfected image pearl production technique. A mould made of shell cement is implanted into the pearl oyster. Within 2/3 months, the moul-shape pearl is ready. The pearl images of Virgin Mary, Christ, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and other images put on display. [Top]



Vizhinjan is located 17 km south of Thiruvananthapuram city and 2 km south of Kovalam. Vizhinjam’s land mark is a cave temple and a fishing harbour. There is a single celled shrine inside with a loose sculpture of Vinandhara Dhakshinamoorthi. A semi-complete carvings of the images of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are there outside the cave.

The fishing harbour is a natural port and the busiest harbour in the district. [Top]



Varkala is a small town located 32 km north of Thiruvananthapuram city, is a beach retreat and Hindu pilgrimage centre. It is an important pilgrimage center for the Hindus who come on pilgrimage to the 2,000 year old Janardanaswamy temple near the Papanasam beach. A dip in the sea at this beach it is believed washes away ones sins . The ancient bell in the temple, which was retrieved from a ship wreck, was donated by the captain of the Dutch ship which sank near Varkala without causing any loss of life. Varkala has beaches serene and mineral springs.

Dolphins are often seen swimming close to the coast and if you are lucky you may be able to swim with them by arranging a ride in a fishing boat. keep away from the no-swim zone as the undercurrents are very strong. [Top]


Padmanabhapuram Palace

From 16th to late 18th century Padmanabhapuram, 55 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, was the capital of Travancore. Consequent on the State’s demarcation on linguistic basis, the Palace went to Tamil Nadu. But, the Palace is administered by Department of Archaeology, Government of Kerala.

The unique Palace is created in wood The simplicity and elegance of the structure is beyond easy description. The construction initiated by Iravi Varma Kulasekhara Perumal in 1601 AD was completed in 1744 by Maharaja Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma. He dedicated it to Lord Padmnabha (Vishnu) and christened, Padmnabha Perumal Palace. In the passing of time the name became transformed to Padmanabhapuram Palace. The opening timings Tues-Sun 9am -1pm &2-4.30 pm.

For the construction, teak and granite went into. Slopped roofs, carved ceilings, sculptured décor, exquisite murals and the gleaming floors make the Palace a breathtaker. Take a round of Poomukham (entrance hall) Uppanika Malika (4-storyed king’s quarter), the Manthrasala(council chamber) and the Mattupavu (balcony). The large Oottupura (dining hall), the Navrathri Mandapam (dancing hall for Navarathri days) and Thaikottaram (queen mother’s Palace) include in the round list.

A unique cot made of 64 types of medicinal woods in the king’s private chamber is a privilege to see. The Pooja room made of a jack tree carved, musical bows in mahagony, the large earthen urns, the sculptured horse and rider brass lamp, the ornate Chinese throne, Belgian mirrors and other heritage items occupy 108 rooms of the Palace. The oldest part of the complex is 'Ekandamandapam' dating back to 1550 it was used for rituals for the goddess Durga.

Further points of interest include a dining hall intended for the free feeding of over two thousand Brahmins and a loose ring attached to the column carved from a single piece of jackwood that bears the testimony of the timeless charm of carpentry art. [Top]


Folklore and Numismatics Museum at Nedumangad

It is located at Nedumangad, 20 km away from Thiruvananthapuram city. The museum is housed in the 17th century Koyikkal Palace which is Kerala’s traditional Nalukettu (four-sided structure with inner courtyard). This Palace was originally belonged to Venad royal family.( Tues-Sun 10am -5pm)

The museum has several exclusives It has two wings – one for Folklore and the other for Numismatics. The Folklore wing exhibits antique musical instruments and representative household utensils reflecting art, culture and lifestyle of ancient Kerala. A chilambu (anklet), a chandravalayam (a rarest percussion instrument) and maravuni (dress material made of tree barks) are rare items unnoticed anywhere else. The three ornamental palanquins for carrying the royal ladies and the musical instriments and elaborate jewellery used in temples are some of teh other attractions.

The Numismatics wing displays the largest coin collections in India. It includes coins of different ages from across the world, apart from various dynasties and specifics to Kerala. Amaida, a venetian coin that is believed to have been presented to Jesus Christ, a specimen of 2500-year old Karsha and world’s most tiny coin, rasi, are also in the proud possession of the Numismatic wing of the museum. [Top]



Literally, Ponmudi is the crown of nature’s beauty. At 3002 ft above sea level, it is a scenic feast. Valleys and mountains with hair-pin bends, it hugs the clouds gracefully. Ponmudi likes mist and when the nature becomes benevolent most of the time, the mist-clad Ponmudi unlit paradise. It is 61 km away from Thrivananthapuram. [Top]


Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over an area of 12,000 hectare, in the forests of Western Ghats, the sanctuary uncovers the solid colour of wildlife. Experience the thrill. There is a Crocodile Protection Centre here. Watch the sunning crocodiles. There are seven Asiatic lions in the safari park and a boat cruise to an island in the reservoir is an unbeatble activity. Trekking in the park needs a guide and prior permission from the forest department office.

The richly forested Agastya hills form a stunning backdrop of the Neyyar Dam, which form a large reservoir by interrupting the flow of three major rivers. On the banks of the dam stands the world famous Sivananda Yoga centre.

'Pygmy Elephants' Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Ponmudi is treasured with pygmy elephants. The second place in the world where pygmy elephants eixist is in Africa. Though dwarf, the pygmy lot has all the characteristics of normal big elephants. So, the pygmy and baby elephants of normal varietry can easily be distinguished. To chance upon a pigmy, one should definitely be lucky. Kani tribes living in the Agastyavanam forests do however meet the pigmies very often

'Lion Safari Park' The Wildlife Information Centre at Neyyar Sanctuary arranges trips to the park. The Park has Asiatic lions.[Top]
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