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Houseboat Cruise



one of the kerala's beautiful attraction is house cruise at Ashtamudi Lake. different types of house boat services available in Alleppy and Kumarakom backwater area. House boat rent rates are not fixed, depend on demand houseboat management changing. but never mind to rate, enjoy your holidays... minimum three Staffs available house boat on cruise time (Driver, Cook and attender). One bed room to seven Bedroom houseboat services available. one bed room house boat rate starting 5,000 to 12,000. breakfast lunch dinner and cruise included this rate.

check-in time: 11AM
check-out time: 09 AM

Kerala’s houseboats are remarkably spacious, and in some cases even luxurious. 100 feet in length, there is typically room onboard for three bedrooms, these days with en-suite bathrooms as well. A private chef will cook up mouthwatering meals from local produce for those onboard, dishes which are seasonal and fresh.

The boats move slowly, allowing plenty of time to watch the world go by, read, fish, or even have an Ayurvedic massage onboard. It’s a slow yet romantic way to travel, and you’ll see a very different side of Kerala than when you are travelling by road.

The beauty of the entrepreneurs will yield to the passionate journey of Kuttanad. Some people love the hills and beach while the travelers go to the lake. The boat ride along the side of the hut and the taste of the navy's delicious dish brings you to the boat. Weeping in the light of the warm air, wearing vanilla in the spectator of vembanat.

Punnamada is the part of the Vembanad Lake that lies on the eastern side of Alleppey town. Punnamada is also known for its trekking tourism. In the Poonamada jetty, a cruise in the greencast is ready. Kuttanad's heart journey through Punnamada finishing point. A memorable journey through the village of Kuttanad, where there are rocks and gardens.

The terminal of the houseboats is the starting point for the Nehru Trophy Boat in Punnamada. There are two types of packages for tourists.

Day cruise and night cruise

Night cruise is for people to spend a night with a smile of beauty. The houseboat starts at Punnamada finishing point at 12 noon and pushes the sixth block of the Chittiramarmandha Kayal through the Punnamada Vembanadaiyalai, near the Kuttanarayiram Lake lake. Carmine burst, Thoran, wicker, fish, Sambar and Pulissery were there. Fish is also sold in many places during the boat sailing. The houseboat has facilities to buy the fish that are needed for travelers and their own cooking. The main attraction of the cruceste in the greencast is to cook food without surplus.

After one hour the boat will slowly move on. It is not surprising that the Kuttanadan paddy fields in the green area and the ducks floating in the back of the lake and the catch of fish in the kothumbu boat. Each eye will be filled with grass in the greencast karakuyil through the hand of the little palmathurthy in the evening at 5 in the evening. If it darkens, then the house boat will stop. The upcoming view belongs to the recital. At night 8 pm, dinner is ready, chapati, chicken curry, rice and curry. The evening lagoon. Only light is the light and the light of small petrol makers. The next morning, after the dinner, the boat will begin to move through the eight-storey and the lighthouse chunkam will reach Punnamadaayal finish point. The journey will go by the end. Traveling memories in memories.