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by Fasiludheen Nasim | Created: Tue, 25.01.2011 - 05:42 PM
Name: Anurag & Swathi
From: New Delhi (West)
Itinerary: Honeymoon Package

I would like to say that my Kerala trip was very pleasurable. Full marks to your team who took unique care to make this journey memorable. Thanks for the consideration shown and I will propose the same package to many of my friends.


Name: Amal Biswas
From: Calcutta
Itinerary: Honeymoon Package

We had our beautiful honeymoon trip with many impressions and experiences, which went greatly too fast to end, us however still for a long time in memory will remain, mostly South Kerala, not at least because the whole thing were so well organized.

Thank you!

I’ll suggest your organization to anyone departing from Calcutta, I’m transfer your contact information to an important person.