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Kanyakumari, the ancient town with historical richness, has great religious significance too. Its location of being the southernmost part of India adds further charm to it. Kanyakumari tour, with its wide array of choices, is ideal for every. With an extensive range of interesting places to visit, you need not worry on what to see in Kanyakumari as well.

There are not only architectural and cultural places to see Kanyakumari, this town boasts of equally captivating scenic beauty too. Kanyakumari Beach, with its shimmering beach of multi-coloured sand is indeed a sightseeing place to visit in Kanyakumari.

Previously known as Cape Comorin Beach, This beach is widely known for its breathtaking sunset and sunrise. Full moon nights are especially alluring too. It is also the place where three seas- Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal merge with each other. The confluence is regarding to be holy and is known with the name of Triveni Sangam. The view of the surrounding areas and the ocean from the lighthouse is worth capturing

Below are the most popular places to visit in Kanyakumari.


There are two rocks projecting out of the Ocean, South East of the Kanyakumari temple. It was on one of these rocks that Swami Vivekananda sat in long and deep meditation. With the blessings of the virgin goddess, the simple monk was thus transformed into a powerful crusader. The rock is now called the `Vivekananda Rock’. On this rock stands the `Vivekananda Rock Memorial’ built in 1970, in a blend of all the architectural styles of India. A statue of Swami Vivekananda has been installed in the memorial Mandapam. One can also see Sri Pada Parai, the footprints of the virgin goddess, on this rock. With the Indian Ocean right in the background, this statue is a peaceful and serene destination.


Thiruvalluvar Statue is a 133 feet denotes 133 chapters of Tirukkural tall stone sculpture of the Popular Tamil Poet- Saint Thiruvalluvar, who authored the Thirukkural Couplets. The 95 feet Statue that represent the chapters of “wealth” and “Pleasure” is erected on a 38 foot pedestal which represents the 38 chapters of “virtue” in the Thirukural. This signifies that wealth and love should be earned and enjoyed on the foundation of solid virtue.

The temple is dedicated to the virgin goddess Kanyakumari who eternally protects the country. Legend has it that goddess Parvati, in one of her incarnations as Devi Kanya, did penance at this spot to obtain the hand of Lord Shiva. The place is a symbol of unity and sanctity. The deity’s diamond nose ring is famous for its sparkling splendour and is said to be visible even from the sea.


Built in the honor of father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi Memorial is the place where ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were kept after his unfortunate demise in 1948. He had earlier visited Kanyakumari in 1925 and 1937. After his demise, Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were kept in 12 different urns and transferred to different cities and towns of the country, before the immersion. One of the 12 urns was kept here in Kanyakumari for a few days for the public to pay homage, later the ashes were immersed in the ocean.
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial has been built in the Orissa style of architecture with a 79 feet high portico. The 79 feet of the porch is symbolic of the 79 years of Gandhi ji. Another attractive feature of the memorial is that on 2nd October, Sun rays fall precisely on the place where his ashes were kept.



Suchindram is a small pilgrim town in the Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu famous for theThanumalayan Temple. One major legend of Suchindram is related to the chastity of Anasuya, wife of Sage Atri. The fable and legend state that the ‘trimurtis’ (three Hindu Gods – Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma) appeared in front of Anasuya begging as ‘brahmins’; when she was about to serve them, they levied a condition that they would eat only if she served in the nude. Through the power of her chastity she converted the three gods into babies and fed them. On the plea of Goddesses (the wives of ‘trimurtis’), Anasuya restored the deities. On the same spot, a ‘linga’ developed which still exists and is worshipped. The pilgrim town is also famous for the celebration of two festivals; Markazhi and Chiththirai.

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